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Monday, January 19th, 2004
5:53 pm - printmaking

I'm about to jump head first into a project that I am pretty sure I dreamed up.
I hope at least some of you are familiar with printmaking. Most of the time, you carve it out, and then roll on the ink, and then print. But sometimes you can build up.
That is what I am attempting to do, and for some idiotic reason, I choose some abstract materials to do this with.
I am going to build it up using foam board, or rather, some foaming thin paperish shit, used as the base, and on that, I am going to glue a mixture of twine, and plastic wiring crap. I'm using two layers of foam board, one for the very base and the second to cut out my "object" so I have a design set out to clue the twine and wire to. I am not far enough to come across problems, but I can already see that there is going to be a few with the twine, but really, all I want is to ask if anyone has some helpful, experience based or not, hints at how I should go about this crazy idea of mine. I figuare the wire will be okay, and it will all make a spiralling, detailed texture to the print, But I dont know if it is completely ridiculous and wont work, or if its a good idea. Tell me what you think the pros and cons will be, tell me if you think I should use ink or paint, tell me anything as long as its helpful (is elmers glue okay, I do have to wash the printing board off if I make a mistake). Anything will help, as this is its experimental stage still. Thanks.

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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
1:45 pm - reactions to van gogh.

urgh. I hate it when things dont go my way.
I will give my ideas, reactions, to this painting. Because I cant upload anything at this moment, I'd much rather pretend I have nothing artistic to reply to this with and write something potentially useless, for reaction of course.
I think this painting would be wonderful on an anti-tobacco commercial, it might not have been ment to express the same thing, but I think that the cigarette and the skull would be perfect to demote cigarettes. I mean, think about what they could say, even in van gogh's age, they knew tobacco could kill you.
The other thought it brings me is that old habits never die, addictions are forever. Even in death, the skull is still smoking, his habit, his addiction. The thought of still being a slave to any addiction by the time you are dead is about as scary as some people consider this painting.
I find that chained inspiration is a hard task, but I will keep trying... respond with an update, please.

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Monday, November 17th, 2003
8:40 am - Skull.

Be Inspired
There you go, go wild I suppose.

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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
7:53 pm - new theme

So, becuase of the lack of entries, I've decided to make a theme, plus, advertize. So, again, we are going to try the chained inspiration. So anyway, my best description is, someone will post something, and in response to the something they post, I want you to find something you've done, or anything you can find, by other people, art, sculpture, writing, little bits out of books, stories, something in your past, anything that thier peice of art made you think of, so everything is connected like a chain, though it isnt really connected, just sort of connected to you, a personal matter. The first theme is going to be my favorite painting by van gogh.
Have you seen it, its the skull with the cigarette. I dont have enough time to post the picture but I promise I will have it up by tomarrow, until then, let your creativity flow freely.

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Sunday, November 9th, 2003
1:00 pm - projects

I'm sorry I've never been able to post anything on here, but as everyone should already know I lack a digital camera and a scanner. I thought maybe if I just talked through some of the things I'm doing it'd give someone an idea.
First of all, I am in a studio art class, because of this blessing and burden, all in one, I am having to finish 29 "peices of art". I have 5 done, and 9 weeks to go. So if anyone has any sort of inspiration for me, please, please, I'll take any suggestions I get. I have constipation of the mind, and I cant think correctly.
I'm painting my room, hoping it will give me some sort of energy. Its going to be this bright yet dark red, and orange. Seems a little out of place for this little melancholy girl, huh.
I found this scholarship. Its "duck brand duct tape stuck at prom" or something of the like. What you do, is make an original duct tape dress, wear it to prom, and if you win the contest they give you money. So right now I am debating on how to go about making this lovely dress. Plus, I have to have a date. And I do, but, I dont know what to do with his suit, I think I want it to be a zoot suit sort of thing, any suggestions on accessories, I'd be happy to hear.
I'm making my own candles with beeswax, candle holders out of pretty much anything unburnable.
Oh, and I'm making pillows, learning how to cro..chet... making scarves and other such things out of old shirts, jeans, whatever.
Yeah. This is all, I wish I had pictures, I'd most definately show you it all.

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Sunday, September 14th, 2003
6:17 pm - hey

ok i'll be the first to post something. but you guys better post otherwise i'll be that loser thats the only person to post in an ancient community that went to waste. blah, so anyways this is something i made out of digital photos i took..


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