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I'm about to jump head first into a project that I am pretty sure I dreamed up.
I hope at least some of you are familiar with printmaking. Most of the time, you carve it out, and then roll on the ink, and then print. But sometimes you can build up.
That is what I am attempting to do, and for some idiotic reason, I choose some abstract materials to do this with.
I am going to build it up using foam board, or rather, some foaming thin paperish shit, used as the base, and on that, I am going to glue a mixture of twine, and plastic wiring crap. I'm using two layers of foam board, one for the very base and the second to cut out my "object" so I have a design set out to clue the twine and wire to. I am not far enough to come across problems, but I can already see that there is going to be a few with the twine, but really, all I want is to ask if anyone has some helpful, experience based or not, hints at how I should go about this crazy idea of mine. I figuare the wire will be okay, and it will all make a spiralling, detailed texture to the print, But I dont know if it is completely ridiculous and wont work, or if its a good idea. Tell me what you think the pros and cons will be, tell me if you think I should use ink or paint, tell me anything as long as its helpful (is elmers glue okay, I do have to wash the printing board off if I make a mistake). Anything will help, as this is its experimental stage still. Thanks.
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just cruising past, but i figured i would add some input
the only problem i can think of is that you will have to find some way to make everything the same level, like the wire i am assuming is thinner than the twine, so it will be a different height, and therefore may or may not print onto your paper at all.

figured idd comment :D
I agree with the last response. You need to have every texture on the same level to make a print. That could inevitably drive you completely insane because if you use different materials you will have to build them up or cut them down to make them all on the same level. They need to be able to hit the paper at the same time. Now on the matter of medium to should experiment with it--use anything you can think of that will make a mark. As any experiment, this could either 1. end up being a completely assanine dream that makes you feel like a "stupid dummy" for trying...or 2. you will come up with something horrendously cool. Now if you don't try, they you will never know if #2 is possible. Happy experimentation.
I've done paint before, maybe 3 years ago, and in a few days I'm using ink, so maybe I will have more input on which I prefer . . . but very creative sounding, and just experiment, sometimes experimenting will help you do something you never imagined ♥
Those kind of prints are called collographs. I did a couple for art last semester. We used elmers glue and glued eveything to a piece of cardboard. For the most part we only used one material to keep things the same height. When you're done gluing things on, get a clear acrylic paint and put a thin layer on. This helps for printing and cleaning. Try not to get it wet either. If you're interested in seeing my blocks or my prints, let me know.

I was wondering if I can add you?
Sounds like an awesome idea. Try to get something a bit sturdier for the base, you can get lots of crazy shit from places like flooring stores. I'd use hotglue and paint, and paint it on with a paint brush, I don't think that usiing a roller would work, and rollers tend to not work with paint very well. Also, can I add you? Keep us the art.
of course you can add me. I think I am going to have to attempt a few more things, I noticed the rollers sucked with paint, but the twine just soaked it all up and it didn't really turn out all that great. I think I will try something a little more defined, rather than twine, next time. I could probably do something with flowers and leaves and glue, on a piece of wood or cardboard. If it didnt work out with the picture, the textures of the plants would probably look kind of cool. I am just thinking this way now because it is spring.. though.

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i dont know u, but that sounds i support u!
sounds like an awesome project.. ive used wire with printmaking before and it worked really well for me. i had to use really hard core apoxy glue stiff to get the wire to stay the way i wanted it, and i found that ink worked better than paint... but thats just me.
As a suggestion, you could try it with an eraiser. They have a sheet type on the market that would make it like cuting the foam, plus its what they make stamps out of. Either way, I hope your project goes well. And there's nothing wrong with using abstract materials, it's how we all find out whats good and not. If it had worked, you'd be like a genius, with a discovery to bring world peace...or something like that.
Well that is cool. I am familar with printing like that. I even did a speech over it and demonstrated how to do one. Building it up like you said should be pretty interesting. I have never used things like that before. I've just done the simple print makeing with the wood. Good luck though.
thank you very much. It turned out rather strangely, I am not sure that I liked it.
any pictures of it?
no, I forgot about that one a long time ago. I have some art pictures, but I sort of went into a new style and everything is different now.
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thanks :)