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I'm sorry I've never been able to post anything on here, but as everyone should already know I lack a digital camera and a scanner. I thought maybe if I just talked through some of the things I'm doing it'd give someone an idea.
First of all, I am in a studio art class, because of this blessing and burden, all in one, I am having to finish 29 "peices of art". I have 5 done, and 9 weeks to go. So if anyone has any sort of inspiration for me, please, please, I'll take any suggestions I get. I have constipation of the mind, and I cant think correctly.
I'm painting my room, hoping it will give me some sort of energy. Its going to be this bright yet dark red, and orange. Seems a little out of place for this little melancholy girl, huh.
I found this scholarship. Its "duck brand duct tape stuck at prom" or something of the like. What you do, is make an original duct tape dress, wear it to prom, and if you win the contest they give you money. So right now I am debating on how to go about making this lovely dress. Plus, I have to have a date. And I do, but, I dont know what to do with his suit, I think I want it to be a zoot suit sort of thing, any suggestions on accessories, I'd be happy to hear.
I'm making my own candles with beeswax, candle holders out of pretty much anything unburnable.
Oh, and I'm making pillows, learning how to cro..chet... making scarves and other such things out of old shirts, jeans, whatever.
Yeah. This is all, I wish I had pictures, I'd most definately show you it all.
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i remember taking studio and art... i loved that class. as for ideas maybe you could try painting your dreams? or if you find a theme you like do a whole series of pictures with that theme? like i am doing a series of paintings about the spirits that live in trees...
I actually just decided that I was going to do something about my dreams, but my dreams are so blurred and I cant seem to remember them. I might just wait for a while and write down random things I remember and try to make a few peices out of it.
You should definetly make a bondage collar out of the tape to go with the dress and cuffs to. You could also make gloves or arm covers that go from wrist to elbow. You shouls defently draw stitches where the stiches would be with premanet marker. Anyways thats what I think would be cool. How many people enter the contest?