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new theme

So, becuase of the lack of entries, I've decided to make a theme, plus, advertize. So, again, we are going to try the chained inspiration. So anyway, my best description is, someone will post something, and in response to the something they post, I want you to find something you've done, or anything you can find, by other people, art, sculpture, writing, little bits out of books, stories, something in your past, anything that thier peice of art made you think of, so everything is connected like a chain, though it isnt really connected, just sort of connected to you, a personal matter. The first theme is going to be my favorite painting by van gogh.
Have you seen it, its the skull with the cigarette. I dont have enough time to post the picture but I promise I will have it up by tomarrow, until then, let your creativity flow freely.
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